All Christians have a responsibility to ensure that the transferable truth principle of 2 Timothy 2:2 is actually occurring daily and not just being memorized or discussed.  Discipleship is a time of training. Disciplers equip fellow Christian soldiers to become involved in the work of Christian service for the building up of the body of Christ.

Our standard for godliness is Christ.  The same God who indwells and empowers the discipler indwells and empowers the disciplee as well.  Our gifts may be different, but our divine resource is the same.  Effective disciplers help equip fellow servants for ministry, not create a dependent relationship that consciously or subconsciously focuses a disciple's eyes and heart on a man or woman rather than the Savior.  Teachers who can accurately deliver content are not difficult to find in most ministries.  But finding men and women who will share their lives while they effectively train others for active service for Christ is typically more difficult. Many churches appear to be long on those who aspire to teach others, but regrettably short on 2 Timothy 2:2 trainers who effectively prepare others for Christian living and service.