Our world is diverse and our God is big. So why do we insist everyone listen to only one kind of music? Shouldn’t our music reflect that reality? At Antioch we believe the answer is YES!

We practice Philippians 2 regarding our worship together.  It’s not about our personal preference but our desire to worship together biblically.  One week you might sing the great old hymns, and the next you'll be rockin' with the youth band!  We strive to incorporate many different elements into our worship, which may include jazz, classical, plugged & unplugged, country, Caribbean, contemporary, indie, blues, and gospel.

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Antioch Worship Arts is looking for musicians exited and led to participate in Worship Arts and to serve at worship services.  We would be pleased to find people who feel led to contribute to the arts from a Worship centered perspective and have some skill as:

  • electric guitarists
  • bass players
  • drummers
  • keyboard players

If you play an instrument, can read some music and have a heart to serve in this capacity, please approach Barney Brazitis (Bass Player Guy) or contact him at the ABC Office.