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Studies at the SDA follow the AWANA schedule and childcare is available.  
AWANA begins September 14.

The gospel of Matthew is a book that focuses on the foundation of Christianity, the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah. Matthew’s purpose was to present and prove that Jesus Christ was the long awaited King of the Jews. Matthew quotes from the Old Testament prophets more than any other gospel writer, demonstrating how Jesus fulfilled the prophesies of the promised Messiah. In reading this gospel, we get a rare opportunity to dive into the daily life of Jesus Christ. How did he spend His time? What was His focus? What did He deem as valuable and worthy of His attention? Not only will the study of this gospel strengthen our Christian faith, but it will also give us a coveted glimpse in the daily diary of Jesus Christ.

Wednesdays     6:30 PM    SDA School    Begins September 14

by Kay Arthur
No other book in the New Testament will minister to you and your inner-man more than the book of Hebrews.  Our prayer is that God will use this study to bring you through the torn veil of His flesh into the Holy of Holies, where in confidence you might draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith (Hebrews 10:19-23).  There He waits, Jesus, your High Priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens (Hebrews 8:11).

Wednesdays    6:30 PM    SDA School    Begins September 14

by Priscilla Shirer
Every 4th and 5th Wednesday. This study is a hands-on, never-give-up, action guide to practical, purposeful praying.  Addressing the topics that affect you the most: your identity, your family, your regrets, your pressures, your temptations, your fears, your attitudes, and more.  Each chapter coaches us to create personalized prayer strategies.  
Come join us for one or all eight sessions: September 28, October 26, November 30, January 25, February 22, March 22, March 29 and April 26.

Wednesdays    6:30 PM    SDA School    Begins September 28

MOPS—Mothers of Preschoolers
Theme: The Starry Eyed.  Embrace wonder, hope and kindness as we encourage one another to see the light amidst the hard and mundane.
MOPS is a fun supportive group for moms with children ranging from pregnancy through kindergarten. It's a place to make friendships and connect with others in the same stage of life, and receive practical parenting instructions to be the mom we each desire to be. God's desire for us as mothers is to embrace this part of life's journey. We were meant to enjoy this stage in our lives - not be drowned by it. Join us as we learn together how to flourish while in the trenches of motherhood.

1st/3rd Wednesdays     6:30 PM    SDA School    Begins September 21

by Angela Thomas
The moment you accept Jesus as the Lord over your life, you are redeemed. As the redeemed, we experience a lifelong journey of being transformed into HIs image. As redeemed women, we grow in the grace of Christ and He calls us to extend grace to others.  This 7-session Bible study explores the practical side of redemption, inviting us to lean upon Jesus for our real help and hope.

Thursdays        9:30 AM       Canyon Park/Bothell Home   Begins September 8th
W.O.W. (Women of Wisdom)
For women 50 and up.
By Kay Arthur, Tom and Jane Hart

Tuesdays        6:30 PM       Bellevue Home       Begins Sept. 20
                with a Potluck

By Beth Moore
This study based on Isaiah 43:10 explores what it means not only "to believe in God" but "to believe Him." The bride of Jesus Christ in our generation is nearly paralyzed by unbelief. God is calling His bride to a fresh and lavish anointing of faith. Through studying the lives of Abraham, Moses and others as examples of persons who believed God, Beth encourages women to deepen their own trust in God and receive a fresh word from Him.
The Member Book includes:
10 Weeks of personal interactive study for five days a week
DVD teaching sessions
9 Scripture Memory Cards
1 Scripture Bookmark
1 Five Statement Pledge of Faith Bookmark

Thursdays    7:00 PM    Redmond Home    Begins October 6    

by Kay Arthur  
Jesus' Witnesses, Empowered by His Spirit. Watch as Peter, Paul and the rest of the Apostles steadfastly do what Jesus Christ told them to do. Learn how God spread the gospel through witness of Jesus and how you too can witness to others. Stand in awe of the power of God in believers and embrace His power in your life.

Thursdays    6:30 PM    Renton Home    Begins September 15