The CHATS Mentoring Ministry is asking us who know Him to reach out to another.  Reach out your heart to a sister who is younger.  We have the answers in God’s Book.  Just open your Bible and help others to look.  The question is, “What can I do?”  Perhaps God will answer, “CHATS is for you.”


The older women are to help the younger women.  In doing so strengthening the future generations of Christian leadership by combining your experience today with their potential for tomorrow.

Let’s Chat...
Is there someone
who would share in my life
be a friend and a sister in Christ?

Let’s Chat...
Someone to pray and
let me share my day,
my ups and my downs
my turning arounds.

Let’s Chat...
Would you tell me the
truth from God’s
point of view?
Will God speak to me
as He does to you?

Let’s Chat...
I want to live jor Jesus
and teach my loved ones how He frees us.
Can you help me to walk in His way so my life will count for Jesus each day?

Contact: Joan Hunt
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 425-284-2609