The love she most desires...the respect he desperately needs. That's Ephesians 5:33.  What is Love and Respect? We believe that love best motivates a woman and respect most powerfully motivates a man.  Research reveals that during marital conflict a husband most often reacts unlovingly when feeling disrespected, and a wife reacts disrespectfully when feeling unloved.  

We asked 7,000 people the question, “When you are in a conflict with your spouse or significant other, do you feel unloved or disrespected?”  83% of the men said, “disrespected” and 72% of the women said, “unloved.”  Though we all need love and respect equally, the felt need differs during conflict, and this difference is as different as pink is from blue!

Class begins September 18
Meets 9:00 AM in Room B-7