We exist to assist parents in training and evangelizing their children to Christ and in establishing them in a growing relationship of His grace and knowledge. This is not child care! God's Word specifically holds parents responsible for their children's formal and informal spiritual training; i.e., Deut 6:1-9, and Psalm 78.1-8. We do not want our families to be deceived into delegating this right, this joy, and this freedom we have to another-the "church." For we all are the church and responsible. Children's Ministry is a privilege provided weekly by committed volunteers.

ABC preschool is for children who turn 3 by September 1st through Kindergarten. Visitors and first time attendees for the school year can register at the Children's Ministry registration table located at the middle building entrance or online.  A “Welcome to Preschool Booklet” is available with our preschool policies for helping you and your child make an easy transition into our classes. 

9:00 AM Sunday school classes
● Preschool (3-5 years)

“He Established a Testimony. Old Testament Stories for Young Children.” Through play, discovery, singing, creating, this program continues chronologically through God’s Word. These stories are the roots which create the understanding of how DEEPLY God loves His people. The program is designed to continue through elementary years where the children will know what the stories mean and finally understand how DEEPLY God loves US.
For more information on our curriculum visit: Children Desiring God
This is a 2 year series. We will begin in Exodus 25 this year.

11:00 AM Sunday school classes
● Preschool (3-5 years)

Preschool children are welcome to remain in their classrooms and attend both Sunday school worship sessions if their parents are serving in an ABC ministry or in an ABC adult elective class and attending worship services too.   Preschool parents are required to be on the ABC Campus at all times preschoolers are in session.

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ABC elementary includes children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. All visitors can register online or with our registrar before service in the lobby of our gym building. Visiting students are free to attend class at anytime. Their teacher will welcome them into the program. 

We use John Piper's curriculum "Children Desiring God" in all of our 9:00 preschool-5th grade classes.  It systematically uses a biblically grounded foundation in the early years to then reintroduce those concepts in the form of doctrines in later years. In short, the stories the children hear in preschool take on a deeper meaning as the lessons behind those stories are understood in the later years through applicable truths. For more information on our curriculum visit: Children Desiring God

9:00 AM Sunday School

  • K-1st Grade. "He Has Spoken by His Son."  New Testament Stories for Young Children.
  • 2nd-3rd Grade. "In the Beginning...Jesus."  A Chronological Study for Children of Examples of True Redemption.
  • 4th -5th Grade. "How Majestic is His Name." A Study for Children on the Names and the Character of God.
  • 6th Grade and UP: “Practical Theology and Apologetics” for 6th Graders (Room B-4)

 Week after week, Sunday school teachers across America bottle feed their students a steady stream of lukewarm, watered down, Jesus-loves-me-this-I-know, cookies-and-Kool-Aid Bible teaching that is sweet on the tongue but wears off before the child leaves the classroom. As a result, a recent study shows that 2/3rds of all kids in evangelical churches have mentally "checked out" by the time they reach the 8th grade. In Theology and Apologetics for 6th Graders, our goal is to teach your children how to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength by:

  1. Demonstrating why the Bible is trustworthy
  2. Teaching them how to think critically
  3. How competing religions stack up against the Bible
  4. To get you, the parents, involved

Homework is issued on a weekly basis, and it's often difficult. If you're ready to be involved in your child's spiritual growth and have a desire to grow along with him, then this is the class for you.


11:00 AM

(NEW!) K-5th Grade ‘Kids Church’ Elective Series
This class is open to Kindergarten through 5th grade students as an elective series for those not participating in Sure Foundation Choir. The class is open to 6th graders who will have more of a role of leadership than that of a student. This is their chance to serve and minister to their younger peers.

Since the class is elective, we will have a variety of topics throughout the year. 

Sure Foundation Choir
For children 1st - 6th Grade.  Learn more.

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Why do the classes fill up so quickly? My child is often turned away.
We are so sorry your child has been turned away. We don’t want to turn away any children, and it grieves us to do so! However, we have adult to child ratios that are selected for the most effective classroom environment and for safety. Usually we can accept more children if we have more helpers. You are invited to help in the class so that your child and others are able to attend. Also, please be aware that most classes are usually not full by the time the period begins at 9:00 or 10:45.

If the correct class, based on age, is filled, can my child attend another class?
Classes are specifically designed for each age group and it is not beneficial for the child to go into a class for a different age group. It helps neither the child nor the class.

But my child would be OK in a different class . . . he/she is ___________!
We must be consistent in the way we assign classes, both for the children’s sake and for the teachers’ sake. If you have a special needs child, please consult with the Children’s Director, Kristi Luke.

We are new here. Can our child go into his sister’s or his friend’s class today?
Yes, if it is an appropriate class for your child and if there is room. Visitors may be a guest in a class for their first Sunday, but after that, they must attend their own age-appropriate class.

Why isn’t there a class this hour for the age of my preschooler? What am I supposed to do with my child?
There is not a class because there are not yet teachers and helpers available to staff that class. Would you like to help in the program so that your child and others have a class to attend?  Our pastors make a point out of receiving children warmly in the service, even if they are restless. There are also activity packets available to help keep them occupied.

I still don’t get why you make such a big deal out of the ratios. Why can’t a class take in a few more children?
Above and beyond the classroom environment and security issues, there is the concept of what we are doing in children’s ministry in the first place. We are not providing childcare service for parents! (We are in fact conducting a school!) We are keenly aware that it is a great convenience for parents to have something going for their children while they attend worship service or an adult class. In fact, that is one of the reasons why the morning schedule is the way it is. Childcare is not what we are doing. We are teaching children God’s truth, and they are learning it and growing, just like adults are taught and learn in worship service and class.

Who are the people who are teaching our kids? What are their qualifications?
They are just Antioch members who volunteer! Some happen to be professional educators, but most are not. They are simply Antioch people who love Jesus and love children and are willing to serve God in this ministry. We train them as best we can, and help them with our procedures and policies. Many of them have served for many years, and have a high degree of expertise.

Why do I need to fill out the registration form again this year?
It is very important to us to have updated records of every child who attends class, and even if none of the information has changed, we need annual confirmation. For safety and security reasons, we ask for all of the information that is on the form. Please be aware that this information is not shared with any outside group. If you have special confidentiality issues with anything on the form, please consult with the Children’s Director, Kristi Luke.