Antioch's Nursery Ministry
We are excited to come alongside you, planting seeds of God’s Word in children’s hearts, teaching them about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe even our littlest ones can learn! We are here to plant the seeds of God’s Word in our little children and provide a safe, loving and consistent environment so that they might one day come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Antioch's Children's Ministry
We exist to assist parents in training and evangelizing their children to Christ and in establishing them in a growing relationship of His grace and knowledge.
This is not child care! God's Word specifically holds parents responsible for their children's formal and informal spiritual training; i.e., Deut 6:1-9, and Psalm 78.1-8. We do not want our families to be deceived into delegating this right, this joy, and this freedom we have to another-the "church." For we all are the church and responsible. Children's Ministry is a privilege provided weekly by committed volunteers.