The first Sunday of Advent is December 3. We have made Advent Calendars, which includes the Jesse Tree, a list of some local excursions and more, for you and your family!  The calendars are now available for you to pick up Sunday mornings or at the ABC Office.

Advent is the “holiday” season which includes the four Sundays before Christmas. Both the Jesse Tree (daily activity) and the Advent Wreath (Sunday activity) are great ways to celebrate the season in your home with family and/or friends.

The Jesse Tree is a way to portray important events from Creation to the birth of Jesus by hanging symbolic ornaments on a real tree or two-dimensional tree (banner or poster).  For your “Jesse Tree” you might use a smaller artificial Christmas tree, or perhaps find a small cut tree - a tree could be made from felt, poster board, cardboard, wood, or hwerever your imagination takes you. It’s just something to which you can attach the ornaments. Each day’s Scripture, along with the theme statement, is listed on the Jesse Tree section of our Advent Calender. You can make or find your own ornaments which portray these symbols.  Here are some ornaments that we have compiled for you.  Print them, color them, cut them out, and hang them.  There are many more options for these ornaments, so have fun!

Jesse Tree Ornaments
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