We believe that the Word of God is the central component for all growth in any believer's life. Equipping God's people includes teaching, training in evangelism, and discipling individuals to be obedient to God's Word in every area of their lives.

We believe that God has called Antioch Bible Church to involve all people of all cultures, races, and economic backgrounds in this ministry.

All members ministering:
The Church is not a collection of people ministered to by paid clergy. The church is a called out collection of ministers who are doing God's work in the world.

New Testament model:
The New Testament presents a mandate for churches to follow. We want to be a model for that church, not out of pride, but out of obedience.

Teaching God's Word:
We are determined to be a church and people of the Word of God. If God's Word says it, that settles it. The teaching and preaching of God's Word is the lifeblood of the Church, and is the channel through which the Holy Spirit uses to do His work in hearts.

We recognize there is no spiritual ministry apart from prayer. Unless God is working in us and through us, we are working in futility.

Our purpose is to carry out the Great commission and change our world. This is a two-fold task, both internal and external. It involves what the church does when we are Gathered together for worship and teaching and mutual ministry, and what the church does when we are Scattered out in the community for evangelism and righteous living. We believe that God gives His Church a great variety of ways to influence culture, business, government, education, and so on, and that He expects His Church to be salt and light throughout the community.

Cross-cultural ministry:
Antioch is committed whole-heartedly to the biblical pattern, a mandate of cross-cultural, multi-ethnic ministry. We teach that churches will have cross-cultural ministries if they develop healthy attitudes toward diverse worship and ministry styles, work hard at building intentional cross-cultural relationships, and seek out cross-cultural leadership.

Healthy worship:
We believe that our worship should come out of a variety of forms and styles. The issue in worship is not what pleases us personally, but what pleases God. When we are uncomfortable with an unfamiliar worship style, someone else is comfortable, and we please God by setting our own preferences aside.